Friday, March 7, 2014

The Purest Heart I Have Yet Met

"Brother" Ian (who I first wrote about in November under the post "Brother") has been in hospital recovering from a hip surgery and I had the chance to visit him this week with another woman from JMC. Seeing him and his bright spirit automatically reminds you of the beauty of god's love. Just sitting with him and Jenny in the shared hospital room hearing his stories of all his visitors and seeing him interact with the other men sharing his room, it is so obvious what an amazing heart he has. 

One of the other men sharing the room didn't have visitors that afternoon and as I was Ian's 24th visitor, I felt for this man not having someone by his bedside. But then I thought, there is no need for me to feel sadness for this man....he is sharing a room with Ian!! Even if he didn't have visitors apart from that afternoon, he had the one man sharing his room that can easily remind anyone of how loved they are! When he came over to chat with us, he and Ian seemed to be life long friends, but you know it's simply because Ian has been friendly with all of them in the short week he has been in recovery: making mere hours of camaraderie in ward 19 stronger than all their years. 

Ian reminds Jenny and I that he has had 24 visitors, and we know that represents only a small portion of the people he is constantly praying for. He remembers the details of every life he encounters and has such hope for their health and happiness. He genuinely takes the time each day and has everyone he meets on his heart--the purest heart I have yet met.

He left me with a prayer and words for my friends and family back in the states, so this is for you from "Brother" Ian....

'Exalt The Lord over all the earth.
Hold the hand of He who calms the waters,
And sing songs for him'

Ian read us some scripture that he had chosen for us earlier that day.

He really loved my bright shoes :)

Cheers for now!