Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Picture Perfect Pup

 The other day I was walking home from meeting some students in town, and as I was passing some terraced houses, I spotted an adorable black lab poking its head through the fence. Her owner was a petite old woman who smiled, asking the lab, "Who's that?" So I took this as an invitation to stop, and asked permission to pet the pup....

Me: Would you mind?
Owner: Not at all!
Me: She is precious! What's she called?
Owner: Louise. She used to be able to nearly hop right through the fence when she was little.
Me: Well she is a sweetheart.
Owner: Yeah she loves the attention...

As I was petting her lab and chatting away, I had a momentary day dream about how this sweet old woman and I might meet like this again and possibly share wisdom and life stories over a nice cuppa one day; just like you see in the movies. But this image, and our conversation, was suddenly interrupted when Louise unexpectedly got sick on the pavement!

The woman apologized and explained that the lab had been munching on the grass earlier. We shared sympathy for the pup, before I turned towards home. The woman called after, insuring that I would feel free to stop by and give the Louise some attention anytime she was outside. So I agreed, thanked her and continued on my way.

Crossing the next street, I couldn't help but giggle--such a seemingly, movie perfect interaction that took an odd little turn.
Life is not meant to be picture perfect, people. But you CAN see God's beauty (and sense of humor!) in almost any situation if you have the wisdom to laugh it off. :)

Cheers for Now!

PS- I have some exciting news to share with you all in my next post! Stay tuned :)

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  1. Great perspective! Can't wait for the news - your next post better come soon!!!!!