Monday, October 14, 2013

Cliff College and Will Smith

I spent last week at Cliff College in Derbyshire with the other UK YAGMs. It was a week of great sights, great studies, and the most amazing friends bringing more laughter you would ever imagine to fit into one week.
We discussed discipleship and what it looked like in our jobs, woke up to the sound of cows relentlessly mooing at 5:30, climbed the cliffs behind the campus, were almost blown off the cliffs by the strong winds, and even got creative with a short ode to Jesus and Will Smith's Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

While waiting for our trains at the end of the week, we (Abby, another YAGM in Durham, and Harry, our YAGM "Bonus Brit" we became good friends with over the week) decided it would be fun to preform this ode to a peg-legged pigeon....

I'll leave you with some photos of the Cliff beauty.

Cheers for now!

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